Home Church 4/19/2020

Welcome to week five of SBC home church. As we continue to go through the book of Philippians together, this resource is a guide for you as you set aside time to stop and worship the Lord by yourself, with your family, or in whatever context you may be.

This week we are looking at Philippians 1:19-26, where Paul continues to rejoice in the midst of uncertain circumstances because he’s certain about his Savior. The prayers of his friends and the presence of Jesus give him courage. So the win for Paul is not to escape his circumstances, but to honor Jesus in the midst of them. How about us? Are we focused on our circumstances or on our Savior? Focusing on the latter means we can have joy no matter what.

Our prayer for this lesson is that we will not only learn to treasure Jesus more, longing to be with him, but that more and more we will to learn to love like him, just like Paul, who is willing to give up his own interests to serve the needs of others, helping them to grow in joy and faith. Before reading through the passage, if you’re able, ask someone to open in prayer.

(Parents – Ask a child to open up in prayer.)

Read Philippians 1:19-26 (if you are able to, read in the NIRV as well)

(Parents – While watching the sermon encourage your children to draw a picture about something they hear. If you have younger kids, write the words “Treasure Jesus” in block letters and let them color it. Then discuss their pictures together as a family.)

Worship Music from Sanger Bible

Discussion questions

When you look at Jesus before you look at your circumstances, how does it shape your perspective and choices differently?

(How would your attitude change if you focused on Jesus instead of the things around you?)

Spend some time praying for others in difficult circumstances to be bold for Jesus.

How would you fill in the blank: What I’m treasuring in life is___________.

(What is something you really love to do?)

Why is Jesus of greater value than anything else?

(Why is Jesus more important than the things you really love to do?)

What are some things – of your time, talents, or treasures – that you have given up to serve the needs of others? What are some things that you need to give up today?

(Parents: Share something you gave up in order to serve others for Jesus. Now ask your kids, “what is something you can give up to serve others for Jesus?”) [Take time right now to pray with your child about those things]

Paul speaks of “fruitful labor” and wanting to help others joy and progress in the faith. What are some ways this week you can help others to love and cherish Jesus more?

( How can you help someone in your family to love Jesus more this week? )

Put it into Practice

Memorize Philippians 3:8 “ Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ…”

Connect with someone; call someone and share your response to “ What I’m treasuring in life______” Seek prayer, accountability and encouragement towards making that treasure into fruitful labor.

Things to pray for

● Praise God for his intimate presence with his people through the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

● Praise God that our joy transcends our circumstances.

● Pray for those who in difficult circumstances to be comforted and to be bold to make much of Jesus.

● Pray that we would treasure Jesus more and more each day.

● Pray for fruitful labor among Christ’s church.

● Pray for us all to be diligent to surrender our own preferences and choose to serve others.

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